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 Our obstacle race training boot camp workouts can basically be completed anywhere. Nearly all exercises are completed with bodyweight only or with minimal equipment. We will utilize the TRX to increase the number of exercises we are able to utilize but they are still only with your weight. We will sometimes use implements such as blocks, ropes, and logs to ad in some variety. We may also include runs or varying distances into the program to mix things up for our participants. However, most of your running is to be completed on your own based on your own personal level and should be done 2-3 times per week. The end goal of the program is to make sure that you are ready to crush the Battlegrounds course come race day.

BOOT CAMP Workouts

Each 90 minute class includes a 5 minute warm up as well as a 5 min stretch/ cool down. However, it’s what is in-between those two that counts... The program builds the skills from start to finish but you don’t necessarily need to attend all of the training days to learn the skills. The skill s we review during each of the days will vary a bit based on what’s available on that day, weather, and participant requests. Rest assured that we will cover everything you will need during the program!!

Train Day Cost

Due to the class setting, we require each attendee reserve a slot in advance to ensure we know how many to expect.

March 31st: 9 am @ The Battlegrounds

April 14th: 8 am @ KOR Komplex in St. Charles

April 22nd(Sunday): 9am @ The Battlegrounds (Brunch afterwards)

May 12th: 8am @ The Battlegrounds

Running Program

SEAL Workout / Test Workout

Big 100 Workout

Body Weight Circuit #1

Body Weight Circuit #2

Body Weight Circuit #3

Medusa’s Challenge Workout

OCR’d Workout

Getting Chuck’d

Workout- “Bro”

Farm Fit- Hoist

Farm Fit- Old Maid

Weight Plate Circuit #1

Weight Plate Circuit #2

Weight Plate Circuit #3

“This is Awesome” Workout

Training Day Classes


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